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The Cross Schools of Education offers a carefully supervised and balanced program to assist each child's learning process. Our child/staff ratio is 12:1. Our full-time administrative team enables the teachers to provide each child with the focus and attention that each child needs and deserves. We have carefully researched and developed a strong program for maximum learning. It is our goal that this will create a very enriching experience for our most precious gifts- the children.

Pre-School Program 

Scope & Sequence

Language Arts
Recognition of:
Name, Letters, Letter Sounds
Upper & Lower Case Letter Formation
Language Development & Listening Skills which includes:
Colors & Color Words, Health & Safety, Manners  
(Monthly Topic)
Social Studies
(Seasonal Theme)
Counting 1-30
 Number Concepts 1-15
Computer Science
Bible (Creation, Redemption & Resurrection)
Character Building
Creation, Noah, David, Joseph & Moses
Birth, Ministry & Death of Jesus
Movement, Song, Instruments,
Large & Small Muscle Development

Pre-Kindergarten Program 

Scope & Sequence

Language Arts
Phonics & Reading
Recognition of:
First & Last Name, Letter Sounds
Sounding of Blends, One or Two Vowel Words
Reading of Sentences and Stories with One/Two Vowel Words
Formation of Letters, Blends, Words, and First & Last Name
Bible Verse Memorization
Language Development & Listening Skills
(Monthly Topics)
Social Studies
(Seasonal Themes)
Computer Science
Number recognition & Counting 1:100
Number Concepts 1-20
Largest & Smallest
Addiction Facts, Subtraction Facts
GeometryBible (Creation, Redemption & Resurrection)
Character Building
Creation, Noah, David, Joseph & Moses
Birth, Ministry & Death of Jesus
Movement, Song, Instruments
Art, Physical Education


Scope & Sequence

Language Arts

Houghlin & Mifflin Readers, Phonics & Reading,

Recognition of Consonant, Long & Short Vowel Sounds

Phonics Rules & Special Sounds

Writing Name, Letters, Blends, Words & Sentences

Language- Writing a Correct Sentence & Paragraph



Houghlin & Mifflin Math Program

Number Recognition, Counting,

Writing & Concepts 1-100,

Greater & Lesser 

Counting by... 2s, 5s, 10s (Multiples)

Number Words & Spatial concepts

Value of Money, Telling Time

Using the Calendar, Days of the Week and Months of the Year

Addition & Subtraction Families

Fraction Concepts

Multiplication and Division Concepts

Strategies for Problem Solving

Computer Science

Social Studies/Geography

Seasonal Themes


Monthly Topics

Foreign Languages

Chinese & Spanish

Bible (Creation, Redemption & Resurrection)

Character Building

Birth, Ministry & Death of Jesus

Noah, David, Joseph, Moses


Music History & Appreciation, Movement

Songs, Instrumental


Art History & Appreciation

Montessori Materials to Introduce Concepts

Hundred Boards

Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication Boards

Colored Beads

Bead Frames

Stamp Games, Decimal System

After-School Program

Language and Math Tutoring from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. 

Program supplements with math, vocabulary, grammar, writing skills enhancement sheets

Focus on completion and accuracy of homework assignments

Reading comprehension

After-school pick up (Please ask the office)

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